Reading a book on a day guaranteed for a storm to erupt, like a volcano, big loud vicious, but still, one of the most relaxing sound nature has. I was sitting in the living room, on a very comfy chair. The deep orange colour of fire in front of me crackling like the sound of bacon sizzling on a frying pan in the morning, it had a sense of comfort and it relaxed me. It calmed me down from the busy day I had on the 2nd of June, which was the day it all began.As collected as I was, I knew something else would come. I looked outside to see a billow of grey clouds, looming over the trees in my garden of flowering plants outside. The raindrops were falling onto the petals of the tulips, daffodils, my beautifully bright rosemary, they were soaking the rain in like a sponge. The window was right next to my chair so I could watch the storm begin and the excitement could begin.

The rain, starting to pick up, was making a little pattering sound like a little bunny, racing against a tortoise. A big flash came from outside, lightning. Now we know the storm is here.

The pages of my book were darkening and the words were turning into a blur of black ink.

Motionless and Delight were the two adjectives to describe the moment, in which I might never experience again. I felt as though the drizzle was surrounding me, closing me in to a state of content.

I closed my eyes and I listened to what the world has presented me with.

Rain, fire, a time in which was one of the greatest, for me.

I reached out next to me to take a sip of my pleasing, heart-warming cup of hot chocolate. 

I felt as if the world was at peace. And I fell asleep in my chair. Dreaming about the rain, fire and my warm cup of delight. 

   By Millie. 
🙂 ❤


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