Hi everyone!

So I just reached 100 posts on MillieArt, hooray!

I wanted to say thank you guys for actually taking the time to look at this website.

Now I’m just an ordinary young artist, using but a tablet with her finger to do drawings, but I really appreciate the support you’ve given me!

MillieArt has helped me so much to improve my art skills digitally and paperally (because that’s a word) and giving me so much confidence to post one of my mere pieces on a website for the whole internet to see, heck, it’s nearly been a year and I’ve had nearly 500 people see my blog, it’s amazing.

This picture shows that doing artwork makes you feel like you can control the galaxy.

That’s really what it feels like to me.

Now, for the more serious stuff.

I’ve decided to not do Trecko and Bear every single Sunday, because I have too much stuff to do then, so I’ll still have Trecko and Bear float around as Easter eggs.

But I have a new comic I’m working on called………….

The Galaxy Bear Chronicles!! So I’ve decided that Galaxy Bear was a cool idea so I’m creating a whole comic book series thing.

So stick around for that! And I’m also gonna start a Christmas drawing too.

Thank you all for everything!!!

As always! 😛❤️


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