Everyday’s the same. We all sit around. In this colourless room in the same order. Every. Single. Day.

We have to hold this face. This chosen face. We can’t move, we can’t do anything!

We just sit around, every day.

Because we, are the emojis.

And this is my story. So get ready to hear it.
Chapter 1.

My name is, officially, stuck out tongue. 😛 Yep, that’s my name. That’s what everyone in the emoji world calls me. Whenever someone calls me to go into a message or into a tweet or email or essay, they call me stuck out tongue. But since we’re here, call me…. Hmm. I’m not quite sure.

Why don’t you call me Tonguey? I know, it sounds really weird but that’s the best I could think of.

I am in the top 100 most frequently used emojis, and although I’m 86th, I’m proud of my efforts. 

But there is one that no one can resist. The beauty, the grace, the elegance of the ever so popular, heart emoji ❤️. 

She is so beautiful, but alas, she could never take someone as stupid looking as me seriously. With my stupid looking tongue and my stupid beady eyes. I just wish I could change for her.

Heart would never even consider having a relationship with me anyway. She already has some other emoji to love. 

My enemy, my nemesis. My arch rival. And if you were thinking the poop emoji you’re wrong. Everybody loves him, even me! 

His name is, the sunglasses emoji 😎.

He is like a bomb. He explodes. He kills everyone around him with his “cool” sunglasses and his lightning smile. He has Heart all to himself. He basically doesn’t let anyone else talk to her. Sunglasses is like her security guard, her manager, Hearts…. Boyfriend.

Anyway.. I see Heart everyday and she doesn’t even notice me. On the inside it hurts but I have to keep this face. Forever….

The end! For now…

😛❤️ wait, it should be this… 😎❤️         😛=😰


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