This was the day everything changed.. I was really excited because nothing usually changes in our world.

It was the 17th of April at 11:09am, 17 seconds. I know, I count the minutes of everyday.

Because I have nothing better to do.

I was sitting in my position. Where I always sit, next to 😏 and 😗 who are a little arrogant and silly. I was called to be used in a text and I flew into a message. It was to a friend of this girl called Abby, the text she sent was “Open wide Wren! 😛”. 

I often get used for these sort of texts. Nothing too exciting so far. But it was a couple of hours when I didn’t realise I fell asleep. Apparently I was “a salivated sleeper.” And I didn’t hear that I was called 34 times in the 40 minutes I was asleep. 

I’ve slept on the job before but not this long. Or for any other reason than pure boredom, but this would have been 17 times I’ve slept on the job before and I’m pretty sure everyone was getting sick of my laziness. I think it’s why they sent me into a place where there could be no return. The Human World.

When I was sent I still felt as though I couldn’t move, I appeared in a little part of a forest. Pine trees swaying ominously above my head. The wind piercing my.. body. The clouds were dark and the earth was dark. It in the daytime that I appeared though. I was placed sitting on a bench. Everything seemed, gloomy.

My alter ego was Suppy Togout. Not the best name I could’ve chosen, but it had to do. This is basically my reaction to my first time looking at the world.

“I…. can move my mouth. I CAN MOVE MY MOUTH! What the blazes is going on? Why can I move my mouth? And what are these colours? Some emoji tell me what’s going on? Wait. Is this… No.. It can’t be. It’s the human world.. OMG. Some emoji, HELP!!!”

Now, luckily I said this all in my head because I couldn’t usually move my mouth. That’s how we emojis used to speak, telepathically. Cool right? Not cool after 18 years of no salvation on your tongue. But at that moment I could finally move my mouth. It was a beautiful feeling. When you have your mouth open for eternity, you lose lots of saliva. It sucked.

Living in this new world was a little challenging and confronting, but in the end.. I survived.

It was like everything I’ve ever known has been replaced by a breathtaking, gorgeous, brilliant new world and I’ll never go back to The Keyboard (my home). Because I can’t. They sent me here for eternity. 
You know when all the teens send selfies with emoji captions? Well, the particular emoji in the caption can see the photo they are attached too. I realised that could have been a little complicated. But basically if your an emoji with a photo, you can see the photo. If it were a selfie, I could see it perfectly.

I know what humans look like, I’ve been studying them for ages now. I know what’s cool and what’s not. I know what clothes people should wear or not wear. I know everything about that.

Now it was just time to use that knowledge my my own advantage. Bring it on you stupid banishment place. Because here comes Tonguey. 

And I’m bringing my A game. Be prepared.

Alright guys, that was Chapter 2 of the Emoji Story. Tell me what you think in the comments section and tell me if I should continue on with the adventures that Tonguey takes in the human world!

😎❤️         😛=😰


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