Chapter 4.False alarm, they were just saying sickly sweet things to each other and it made me vomit internally. Gross.

I decided to move on from the tragedy that was Romeo and Juliet, and not Tonguey and Juliet.

So I walked into the building, big grand hallways, beautiful outdoor scenery and a big ol’ library for stocking up on knowledge, which, for me is not a problem because I’ve been living inside a technology base for a couple years and I’ve learned lots of things from the Internet, but apparently the whole ‘Making Friends’ and ‘Going on a Date’ thing is very highly inaccurate.

So the first class I had was English. Pretty standard, spelling tests, essay writing and story writing too. I know how to spell every word in the English dictionary, because of AutoCorrect.

But the one thing I don’t know how to spell is Urban words or ‘Street Talk’. People say things like ‘Hey, what’s up Dogg, I heard you’ve been holden tight.’ Or some strange sentence like that.

I think once in an English class I spelled a word wrong, oh silly Tonguey, you might be thinking, but then I touched the word and the little white box with the correct spelling came up and I tapped it and WABAM! The word was fixed! Magical, beautiful autocorrect powers did bestow upon me, but disappeared at a later date.

Then lunch came around. Probably THE most awkward part of school. I went to the canteen and brought a mini pizza and a bottle of mountain water, I couldn’t wait to see what it tasted like! It smelled like a beautiful piece of heaven. Delicious.
The place I choose to sit was a sad little table around the back of the school building that I don’t think anyone knew about. It was covered by a shelter of leaves and branches and above me, I saw a birds nest, newly built, and very small. I’d never seen an animal in real life before and the capabilities it enhanced was spectacular. A blue bird fluttered down onto the mouldy table and met eyes with me, I said hello telepathically and it flew off into the distance, most likely to adventure and bring home a big hearty meal for his little bird children. I thought it was so sweet and I started MY hearty meal of a piece of bread smeared in tomato paste, cheese, ham and a golden praise.

The weather outside was frightful and rain started to trickle down my neck, before drinking my sweet mountain bottled water that was the first contact water had made of me. It felt so soothing and beautiful. I felt a rush of chills over and over as more drops fell quietly on my hoodie and pizza.

I looked around, trees were swaying, kids had resorted to the inside cafeteria and I was all alone, sitting in the brilliance that was a trickling sensation of water. I didn’t know why the people of this world hardly embraced with this magical feeling?

It was 1:07pm, so I still had loads of time to check out the school, and the clubs, and the beautiful spot around the school. But nothing could beat my “Cozy Corner”. 

I was walking around with a jig in my step, feeling, fresh, fine and excellent.

I walked past lots of students, some I can recognise, but it’s a little hard to comprehend that there are dopple gangers from the emoji world, here!

I walk past a garden bed full of pretty flowers and vegetables and I notice a strange looking guy walk past me, he intentionally bumps into me.

“Oh, sorry.. I didn’t mean too!” I turned and looked at him, Nelson Makino staring at me like he did on the bus. Staring like a was a witch, staring like his eyes would explode, staring like there was a monster behind me, staring like I was a demon. Creepy. In a pool of disgust, I jumped out and continued walking as I bumped into some emoji and fell. Don’t you hate when that happens? Especially with…. Heart? Oh her smiling eyes, her flowing red hair, beautiful without exception. 

“I am so sorry! here, I’ll pick up your books” I gestured.

“No, it’s fine, I’m capable of picking up my own books, thanks”. Her voice was like silky smooth white chocolate. I stood up and she had books in her hands, a reached out to pull her up. She had a look on her face, clustered, bumbling and busy. 

“Are you okay? You looked really flustered.” 

“Yeah, I’m fine, it’s just the ‘Pressure of being a popular girl with tens of friends waddling by your side’. But thanks anyway, what’s your name? I haven’t seen you around here before.”

She looked at me as though she’d been hit by a tornado. I’m not sure why.

“I’m.. Well, my name is a really stupid.”

“No, no no it’s okay, tell me.”

“Suppy.” Why, oh why did I tell her?

“Suppy? Really?”

“Yeah.” I sighed. Well, there goes my chance.

“Wow, that’s…. Very original.” Oh gosh, what have I done.

“Well, I’ll see you around….”

“Heart.” Yes, I knew it was her!

“Heart, pretty name.” She chuckled. “See you tomorrow.”

“Yep. Bye!” She ran off and she jumped in the air in excitment. Maybe she does like me.

😎❤️       😛=😰


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