Chapter 5

Wally Peterson.
I have no idea why he is so perfect, or why he has a spectacular booming voice, but he is really cool. 

He runs a celebrity to show called ‘Sewing Stockings, a step by step guide by Wally Peterson’ where contestants sew the most beautiful, show-stopping stockings in all of the land. Last episode Wally chose a pair of stockings with a little brown and grey kitten made by Katy Perry, I completely agreed with his choice since it was the most adorable thing ever.

This is Joney’s favourite show to watch while I’m out at school, he has watched EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. There are 300 episodes and counting. Wally Peterson has grown on me.

Every day after school since my first day, I have been watching Sewing Stockings and I’m proud to be watching such a diverse and unique show with relatable characters and wacky puns about clothing like, “How did the farmer mend his pants? WITH CABBAGE PATCHES!” Then the audience goes wild with laughter. Wally is such a hero. To kids, to adults and to our fellow celebrities as well. 
Anyway, you’re probably wondering how my first day ended. Well, the plain answer is horribly.

After Heart left, she turned around and waved. Surprised, I waved back and smiled.  Then I got shoved to the ground, again. In a blind panic, I looked up to see who the dirtbag that shoved me to the concrete was. Take a guess at who it was….. Go on, take an easy guess.

Cool Shades 😎 was and is the obvious answer, and you would be correct. He ran at Heart and picked her up, swung her around (romantically, not violently) and then hugged her.

I hate him. With the fire of a thousand suns.

They walked off together, holding hands while I stayed laying on the ground, the clouds became gloomy and rain came down.

On the ground, I was thinking, What does Heart see in him? There really isn’t anything to like about him.. I mean, in the Keyboard, he was only one row closer to Heart than I was.

As I layed quietly on the concrete, facing the sky, I heard a stirring of chatter in the distance.

How long had I been laying there?

I sat up, and I got a throbbing sensation in the back of my head. Wowie, it hurt. Well, I never thought I would have gotten hurt before, considering that I could hardly move around without looking like a duck. I looked around and there was not a single soul in the area, the whispers stopped. 

Ominous. I thought. What could that chattering have been? The wind whistled in a content and calming matter, and the clouds were still looming over our heads, grey, silent, daunting when you think about it. In an idiotic matter, I yell out to see if anyone was still there.

Behind me, I hear a scampering noise, as if….. I wasn’t sure. I’d never heard anything like it. 

I turned quickly and saw nothing. 

“Am I going crazy?” I said out loud. It echoed into the distance. I quickly covered my mouth to make sure no one heard me, if anyone were there at all. 

Then I realised something. I actually didn’t know what the time was. 18 years of counting and I was sure I was going to set a record for the longest time counting. But I wasn’t aware of the time, and that scared me a little. The time was the thing I could depend on the most, and it had slipped my mind. I have to know the time. I just have to. So I ran and found a clock, 4:05? School had ended ages ago? What happened? Joney was probably being the lazy person that he was and sleeping on the torn up couch with a dirty blanket, with a bowl of caramel popcorn next to him, like a wolf in a cave. Actually, he was probably more a bear than he would be a wolf any day. I hobbled like a dwarf over to the school building and collected my belongings and l went to sit on the grass and wait for Joney to come.

He hadn’t come for an hour and fifteen minutes until I got out my phone hat Joney gave me, 

“Only for emergencies!” He’d told me. I think that that was a Grade D emergency. Not quite a Grade A emergency, it would be if he left me at school, stranded for weeks until I went slowly insane and become a gorilla.

It seemed I got a message from him at 3:20 saying that he couldn’t come to pick me up and that I had to catch the bus.

The bus left at 3:30. 

So I screamed and picked myself up and slugged my way across the road and walked home.

What a perfect first day at school, huh?

I know, but it eventually got better.

With time it did.

How did you enjoy this Chapter? Was it eerie? Was it creepy? Is there any areas that I could imporve or any ideas that you have? Let me know! I would love to hear your input. Stay beautiful!

😎❤️      😛=😰


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