So I am currently in development of a D&D type game and these are some of the characters I’ve made up!

There’s Pary, who gets very overly exited about everyone and everything they meet, but surprisingly, they can solve puzzles with ease.

Udaria is sort of the leader, I’m still developing her backstory, traits, attacks, etc.

Basillo has to be my favourite character, because (mainly) his appearance is like a massive huggable pillow and his “magical ability” is creating items out of everyday objects (sticks and rocks)! Which is a pretty cool power!

The typically shy and timid character, Alro, who has the least amount of violence in their blood compared to the rest of the group, has a backpack full of healing items and has encouragements for everyone on the team. Alro also happens to know everyone’s weaknesses.

That’s really all so far. I do have some more characters ideas which, if I draw, I might post at a later date.

Have a great day today! 



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