“Little Lacey,” as her parents called her, lived atop a tall, farm hill with her family. Her mother, her father and herself (including her dog Gerson.) She used to also own three pet chickens. But, as Lacey and her family moved to the Hills (and so the family could get some money,) the family sold the chickens to the old lady next door (who died seven hours after Lacey moved away.)
Lacey often found joy in travelling across the fluctuating heights of the Hills and rolling around in the cool, summer grass (although, her parents scolded her when she came back home that night and her dress was nothing but a heap of filthy rags hanging from her body.) πŸŒΎπŸ‚πŸŒΏ

I once again found a beautiful little sculture of a girl slumped on the ground with her dog. I didnt add the house in background until later in the piece. This one is a little less intricate than the last sculpture drawing as it doesn’t have as many details. I decided to call her Little Lacey as she doesn’t have a name. I think it suits her well.



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