“Despite the rose’s beauty, there are still thorns~🌹”

Rose and Raäkel are a strange, paranormal duo that scour the world in order to discover why they were born together.

When Rose was born, she had a thick lump of hair on her head (along with a coal black birthmark on her left cheek). When the doctor examined the lump further, it bit his arm off. Rose, Raäkel and her mother were sent to a testing facility to see what caused the “growth”.

The laborists explained that it was a genetically modified mutant that came from her brain. So the laborists cut Raäkel off Rose and disposed of him into the quarantined area. It really hurt Rose, like Raäkel was a part of her. She cried for a long time.

An hour later, Raäkel grew back.

The laborists couldn’t explain this abnormal growth and waved it off as a quick hair growth gene. But they would still expiriment on them both in the later years. They tried cutting Raäkel off at different ages of Rose’s growth,

But it just seemed they were two souls meant for each other.
Rose then ran away with her family to a desolate town in the South Pacific and are now on the run by the government. The family never get caught though

Because Raäkel is so loyal.

(He is also a big lovable goofball even though at first he comes off a little creepy.)



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