The Rafkel Sorcerer 🗡

This was inspired by Drawfee’s series of drawing RPG characters based solely on their names and a short description. He is an extremely strange Sorcerer, who possibly lives in the same universe as Illyria Foresky.



This Bottom’s Gonna be on Top!

I’ve recently been listening to Something Rotten! And I absolutely adore it! Here is the amazing Brian D’arcy James as Nick Bottom, one of the main characters.

– Millie


“If I were not myself, but the brightest, handsomest, best man on earth and if I were free, I would get down on my knees this minute and ask you for your hand and for your love” ☄️

I thought it was finally time to draw a portrait of my favourite boy Pierre from the musical Natasha, Pierre and and Great Comet of 1812 (which is fantastic! Please listen to it!)

This is one of my favourite illustrations. Hope you like it!

Have a great day.

– Millie

Illyria Foresky

Here is an original character, Illyria Forensky.

She lives in the kingdom of Gorkina and resides and a privileged citizen. Illyria is quiet, dignified and polite. Her left arm, although noticeably injured, functions completely regularly. Illyria’s multiple eyes and not out of the ordinary in the kingdom as it anything is possible because of imagination!

– Millie

A Quaint Pumpkin Farmer.

Here is a simple, plain pumpkin Farmer graising and ploughing the fields of his 19th century farm (with his pet frog, Delilah).

(Wow! Two posts in a 2 weeks?!? Mind blowing !?!!)

I’ll be posting some sketches and doodles over this month, but won’t fully be competing in Inktober. I think I might next year.

– Millie