A Particularly Scaaary Ghost.

WoOoOoOOO~ 👻

Another scary drawing for the spooky month.

This drawing was partly inspired by Sara Tepes’ Inktober drawings.

More to come!

– Millie


A Quaint Pumpkin Farmer.

Here is a simple, plain pumpkin Farmer graising and ploughing the fields of his 19th century farm (with his pet frog, Delilah).

(Wow! Two posts in a 2 weeks?!? Mind blowing !?!!)

I’ll be posting some sketches and doodles over this month, but won’t fully be competing in Inktober. I think I might next year.

– Millie

Flood in a Serene Area of the Mind

This piece was inspired by the incredible FeeFal on Instagram. Their art is beautiful and petite and pleasing to look at. I just get a nice feeling from their art!

Tried out a different colour of hair this time. It turned out well! 🌿🍃

(Sorry for not posting frequently. I haven’t had much inspiration and time. Hopefully more soon!)

– Millie

Rebecca Sugar 

“Love like you~ 💖”

A portrait of the wonderful, inspiring role model that is Rebecca Sugar. Rebecca is an amazing person, she has a beautiful singing voice and I hope to meet her one day.

I loved drawing the jumper design. It was very different playing with so many colours in one drawing, but I feel I’ve learned from the experience.

(You can find the reference photo on her Instagram page @rebeccasugar)


Briar Pelkingston

This piece was inspired by unsolved mysteries of ghosts and people who diappeared years ago.

I really enjoyed making this one! 


Topaz and Topaz

I absolutely LOVE Topaz! She is so beautiful and sweet, despite being a home world gem. I love her character design (she has similar hair to me.) 

I’m so excited to watch the Wanted Arc at the end of the month! 

Lovely work Rebecca Sugar and the animating team!



I saw the Broadway Musical ‘Aladdin’ a week ago and created this drawing inspired by the incredible genie who was played by Michael James Scott.

I highly recommend you buy tickets and watch these incredibly tablets actors, singers and dancers perform on stage!