Finding Odet Sommerfield.

Everything is working out for the Sommerfields, a happy family of 5. They can alter reality, bend and shape theirΒ house with a wave of a hand and they can choose whether or not they hurt.

They have a brilliant life ahead of them. They’re always looking for a change and they receive it!

But this time, this is a change they don’t want.

While Mr and Mrs Sommerfield travel to a conference with the Reality Board, the youngest child, Odet Sommerfield goes missing.

The eldest twins, Jayden and Cecil, have to delve deep into the dark mind of their 6-year-old brother… without any immunity.



The Room Where It Happens.

“What do you want Burr? What do you want Burr?  If you stand for nothing Burr, what’ll you fall for?” πŸ–‹

I loved drawing this piece. I was drawing it non-stop (see what I did there,) over the Easter holidays, so that’s why there are no Easter drawings.

Have a great day!



“Sunflower Ghoul”



a restful yet, dissatisfied creature of mist. It despenses a deadly black ink that forces the person viewing the creature to be on the same effects as laughing gas. The creature hangs around different flora. Although, as recent studies have shown from Millieversity of Pajiliana, they find quite an attraction towards Helianthus (sunflowers.) πŸŒ»



Lapis Lazuli

“You fled into the bottom of the sea~ 🌊”

(IT’S DONE! I spent all day on this – I’m not exaggerating – 7 hours…)

I felt like drawing her from inspiration of the new episode which came out today (Room for Ruby). 🍁🌳



An upgraded version of the VERY relevant to French lesson Jinowl.

She lives in the absolute deepest part of the Dienell forest. Where crystals are found embedded in trees, and lakes have a ghostly presence floating about.

She takes pleasure in watching aimlessly wandering travelers get lost from the highest treetops. The leaves, thick and vibrant. The wind, chilling but beautiful. 🌱🌳🌿