“Sunflower Ghoul”



a restful yet, dissatisfied creature of mist. It despenses a deadly black ink that forces the person viewing the creature to be on the same effects as laughing gas. The creature hangs around different flora. Although, as recent studies have shown from Millieversity of Pajiliana, they find quite an attraction towards Helianthus (sunflowers.) 🌻



Lapis Lazuli

“You fled into the bottom of the sea~ 🌊”

(IT’S DONE! I spent all day on this – I’m not exaggerating – 7 hours…)

I felt like drawing her from inspiration of the new episode which came out today (Room for Ruby). 🍁🌳



An upgraded version of the VERY relevant to French lesson Jinowl.

She lives in the absolute deepest part of the Dienell forest. Where crystals are found embedded in trees, and lakes have a ghostly presence floating about.

She takes pleasure in watching aimlessly wandering travelers get lost from the highest treetops. The leaves, thick and vibrant. The wind, chilling but beautiful. 🌱🌳🌿


Chillie Magelicus (“Angels”)

This is Chillie. She is the potions and responsible nurse/healer angel. When the weather gets “chilly” she always wears her baggy green jumper. She has a lot to say, but doesn’t have a loud enough voice to say it.

The healer of the Queen. 🌱🌺

(Here is Chillie in the new series “Angels” on MillieArt.)



Hollyniwa Pinkerton.

I’ve recently received a Surface Pro for school purposes, but I’ve spent most of my time exploring Photoshop! This is what came out of an experiment on Photoshop!

Hollyniwa Pinkerton (who is the servant of the queen). 🌟🌷🌳

(I decided I would try adding a colour palette into the picture too.)