Chapter 3.

Turns out I was completely wrong about everything. Everything I’d learned and assumed was completely wrong this whole time.

The air was fresher and the sunlight was warmer against my… skin?

I was only a mile away from town. But it felt like a trip from one side of the earth to the other.

I’m not sure if you’d know what that feels like but, it’s mind numbingly painful, if you’ve never used legs before. 

I had to fit into this new world, at least until I got to go back to The Keyboard.

The first thing on my agenda was finding a home, or someone to “crash” with until I could find one.

My first guess was that there were many adoption centres in town, but none for 18 year olds.

I was eventually found by a baker named ‘Joney Joneswell’. A very sketchy man at first but he meant well. He was 26 when I first met him, he thought I was a pretty cool dude, until I told him where I came from. He started asking me mundane questions like, “Oh! What’s it like to be an emoji?” I replied with a dissatisfied grunt. I think he got the message.

He was a tall black haired, scruffy, lazy person with a disregard for exercise and sunshine.

Joney told me that I had to go to school since it was a legal requirement. So I stayed in my black hoodie and got a backpack filled with notebooks, pens, lunch and an iPad with headphones. I was pretty surprised that he did this for me since he sits on the couch all day.

The house I was staying in was a little undisturbed cottage next to a pinewood forest. There was a river and a paddock full of sheep, grazing gently through the hills. I liked the house, it was really peaceful and a MUCH better place than the Keyboard ever was.

The first day was the most daunting of my entire life. The bus arrived at 8:15am and the driver was eating a rainbow lollipop 🍭 and wearing a big fez. I scanned everyone on the bus to see that they looked quite decent. When I slowly walked to take a seat, the door slammed behind me and I jumped a little.

I hesitantly sat next to a kid (around 16) with black iPod headphones listening to Monstercat music. I loved listening to that stuff when I was attached to it in a message.

“Hey.. what sort of chicks do you dig, bro?” I turned and saw the kid had taken off his headphones and stared at me intensely. I looked at him in a state of shock as I went to say something telepathically then stopped myself, thinking about his reaction, I just shook my head.

“C’mon bro! There’s gotta be someone that you find hot in here, right?” Where has humanity gone? 

“No chicks, although, I like little tiny fluffy ones? Bro? Hehe..” I turned around so he couldn’t see me and I smacked my head as to say ‘Oh my gosh, what am I doing?’ Then I turned and saw him staring at me intensely again.

A guy pat me on the back from behind and said, “Dude, you sat with Nelson Makino? Dude, you’re not gonna have a good time if that’s who you’re sitting with, come sit with us dude!” I turned and immediately recognised who is was. Dodgy Eyes 😏. What is he doing here? Why is he in the human world?? Someone help me

“So what’s your name dude?” 

“Uhh, um.. I’m Suppy, I’m new here. I just moved from, uhh… Nevermind.”

“Hey Suppy, dude, like, wanna hang with us at lunch today?” My first friend already? It has to be to good to be true. 

He looked at me as though to say ‘If you don’t then I will hunt you down and find your bed sheets and tear them up..’ But I’m a dangerous emoji so I said I was busy and turned to look out the window.

The bus was pretty quiet the rest of the way, except for a few sneezes by Sickly Cough 😷.

As the bus slowly rolled to stop at the front of the school, a wave of nerves crashed over me. I cautiously edged my way out of the bus and hit the pavement, with a mighty jump.

I walked over to the school bulletin and saw a poster for an upcoming play, ‘The White Fluffy Sheep, Frolicking In The Paddocks With A Polar Bear Too.‘ I think it was based of a story that I head Sheep say πŸ‘. He told me that he always wanted to be a super hero. I guess his dreams finally come true!

As I walk through the lawn to get to my locker, (#37) I sit on a park bench and resolve my problems so far, then I see the impossible.

It’s Heart ❀️ and Cool Shades 😎. Standing together, with Hearts minions, Yellow Heart πŸ’›and Green Heart πŸ’š waving from the side lines as they lean for a… Kiss.

Okay everyone, so the emoji story chapter 3 is done for now! I hope you enjoyed it! Tonguey has his first day of school!
😎❀️ πŸ˜›=😰


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